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We strongly believe in the power of kindness. One of our goals has always been for us to be able to use the platform we created, no matter how big or small and to support a cause, that we strongly believe in, namely raising awareness of mental health.   


In 2022 we discovered a small charity called Snowdrops and Sunflowers, they caught our eye initially because they are based in our home town of Birmingham, but also because of their dedication to supporting the mental health of others and helping them to live their best lives.


The services they offer are unique and wide ranging and we discovered that they actually go far beyond just Birmingham, they reach the whole of the UK.  


The charity believes that hobbies can aid mental health and create monthly hobby boxes that are sent out free of charge to their clients.  We love this idea and as a result we have committed to supporting the charity by donating 25 of our mini body oils to be included in their May hobby boxes.

We are delighted that thanks to all those who have donated, we have been able to reach this goal and much earlier than we had planned.  However, you can still make a donation if you wish, for body oils that can be used as part of the charities other services namely their befriending service and within their care packages.  You can donate here.  


We would encourage you to check out the amazing work of Snowdrops and Sunflowers, for their Instagram click here, or for their website click here.


In addition, there are a number of additional ways to support the charity, more information can be found here.

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